The UK based Art Group. We create Art installations.


We also organise and take part in Collaborative Art projects around the World.

Promoting cultural exchange within the Arts World and the broader community. We take advantage of new technologies that allow us collaborate with other Artists from practically anywhere on the planet. Our Co-Labs are usually a Mixture of Poetry, Music, video, Photography, painting and Installations.

Our most recent Co-Lab, is truly an international project, with contributors from India, Japan and the UK. This Co-Lab is a tribute for Japan after the 2011 Tsunami disaster. Find out more about this soon , on our blog and follow us to stay up to date with new projects as they happen.

If you are an Artist and would like to collaborate with us or join our team, then please contact us with a brief of what type of art you create, contact email,website if applicable and any other information that might be useful in making our decision.

 If you have a specific project, then just send us an outline in the email. We don't accept all works, but we do guarantee that we will send a reply to you.

We accept guest bloggers, providing that the Article is Art related, interesting and original, you can email us on point-less@hotmail.com


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